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This Tuesday is gonna be crazy! Three very hyped bands are coming to the Oasis to show us that they're not just a bunch of hype! We're gonna give you some previews of what you can expect from this enormous show...


Illinois indie rock band Headlights continue to please with dreamy-pop tunes on their latest album, Wildlife, via Polyvinyl Records.
Their third record, despite the usual handful of upbeat and catchy melodies, also shows the band’s ability to slow down elegantly without sacrificing the natural momentum or lively appeal of their music as a whole.

Many tracks shimmer contagiously with fun synthy spots and smoothly rolling drumbeats, much like their previous album, Some Racing, Some Stopping. They’ve mastered the art of crafting peppy gems, like Wildlife’s opener “Telephones,” a track that builds up its punch and becomes a full-fledged head-bobber by the chorus, or midway through the record on “Get Going,” where crunching guitar work intermingles with a warm and hazy danceable backdrop. Headlights rock a lot like Mates of State, French Kicks or the Pomegranates, offering not only consistently good music, but an overall fun experience.

Check out the video for "Cherry Tulips" below:

The Shaky Hands

Following a tour with The Meat Puppets, Delffs packed his bags and went to live in India for a month and a half, leaving behind his guitar and embarking on a fast from Western music. He sang in the temples and wrote lyrics for the new album, which the band had already started writing, but took the longest break he’d ever taken from playing in a band. This journey, which culminated with a 23-hour plane ride leading directly into a 37-hour drive to Austin for SXSW, altered the direction of the new record—although perhaps not in the most obvious way.

Delffs launched back into the rock scene immediately, playing SXSW and touring back up to Portland. The band spent nearly two months on the road with The Thermals in spring of 2009, where they wrote and developed songs, allowing the new tracks to attain lives of their own each night. After the tour, at Morris’ recommendation, the band went into Jackpot! Studios with producer Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof, Erase Errata). There they spent ten days recording the songs they’d written and practiced, mostly in one or two takes.

Check out the video for "Already Gone," which just debuted on IFC, below:


Everybody, Come Outside! is the shimmering and dreamy new album from Cincinnati art-pop denizens, Pomegranates. This Cincinnati quartet broke on the scene last year with their debut full length, Everything Is Alive--an album that garnered immediate attention and support from music lovers and taste-makers alike. KEXP and WOXY, among others, fell for the band's quirky and charming blend of pop rock, and listeners followed suit, blogging the band up to 11 on blog aggregate. The band also caught the attention of their peers. Artists such as French Kicks and Islands responded to Pomegranates' dynamic live set by inviting them out on the road. Everybody, Come Outside! shows a marked improvement both creatively and sonically from its predecessor, channeling influences that range from Talking Heads and Brian Eno, to French Kicks and Fela Kuti. The album was recorded by Pomegranates and mixed and mastered by TJ Lipple of Aloha (MGMT, Headlights, Minus Story).

Check out a live rendition of "Coriander" below:


Mercutio is a musical group out of New London, CT, though 3/4s of the band is from Worcester, MA. Stylistically, the group leans towards spiky, dancey post-punk which may or may not entice you to rock out. Going through a big line up change after recording their first EP, Mercutio has slimmed down to a 4 piece band. The band is currently writing new songs, booking shows, and preparing to take New England by storm.

*** The show begins at 9pm this Tuesday October 20th. $7 cover. 21+ show. Lots of drink specials to be had! Don't miss it! ***
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