Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt returns to Oasis!

Does this mean another dance party in the middle of Bank Street?

When Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt was announced to play the Oasis on a Monday night in October, everyone said "Who the fuck is Terror People Pigeon Party?!"  Well, after a bonafide shitshow of a Monday night, a lot of people now know who Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is and will have their second chance to catch this incredible interactive band on Saturday January 2nd, here at the Oasis!

If you are still outta the loop, read this description that the band themselves wrote up...

I think the hardest aspect of the running this band is just trying to describe it to people. Basically we show up with a billion lights, bags and bags of costumes (enough for anyone who wants one), 60 or more light sabers and really good songs, grab some mics and say “look, this is your time; you chose to be here, you probably paid your hard earned money to be here: don’t you dare walk out that door without having the best night of your life! All these things are at your disposal, we’ll help! We’re going to throw an awesome dance party, run around and scream about how fucking cool it is to finally kiss that person you’ve been crushing on for months, how there is nothing better than partying until 5 in the morning when you have to be up for work at 7 and how your friends are so fucking great, and there’s no doubt that you’d be absolutely fucking dead if they weren’t in your life to clean you off when you get shit on. Tonight there is no such thing as uncool. If you really want to hug a wall that’s fine! But if you’ve got a dance in your feet and a song in your heart then you fucking go for it!”

And the best part is that it works. It happens. People come out of their shells and go nuts! We’ve had shows where we just hand the mics over to people in the crowd mid song cause the harmonies they’re singing are so beautiful. People bust out insane moves! People put together the most incredible outfits! And you have no idea how good sword fighters people are! At the end of it people always come up to me and ask me what the name of our band is and who’s in it, and every time I say “We’re the terror pigeon dance revolt! And every single person in this room is in it!”

Needless to say, these guys are a blast! And they're even signed to Luaka Bop, the label headed by Talking Head David Byrne!  Last time these guys came thru, many people said it was their favorite show ever! Why wouldn't you want to start your New Year off like this?!

Who else would be posting this shit?
Sean Patrick Murray


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