Remind/Rewind: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!

There probably is no better way to kick off 2010!  Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and The Blastoids (who I discovered got their name from, yes... Pokemon) rocked the hell out of the Oasis last night!  If you missed it, or just want to reminisce about dancing in the streets singing "You make my heart explode!" and cops showing up to break it up, we've got pics and video of the insanity right here!

If you happen to have pics or video that you think should be up here, let us know and we'll post your links!

And thank you to everyone that came out and showed the Terror Pigeon crew love.  They all have said over and over that New London is officially their favorite stop of the tour!

Photos of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt at Oasis Photo & Video Recap of Terror Pigeon Dance Party at Oasis

Terror Pigeon takes it to Bank Street:
Who else would be posting this shit?
Sean Patrick Murray


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