Cory Branan returns to Oasis!

Cory Branan
Saturday Sept 25
The Oasis Pub
9:30pm, $5, 21+

Cory Branan was first seen in New London performing with his buddies Quiet Life some time ago. Immediately, he struck the crowd as one of the most interesting performers the Oasis has seen to date! You DO NOT want to miss this guy! He only comes once a year or so from his hometown of Memphis, TN!

"There's a new breed of singer-songwriter - Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and now Cory Branan."- Rolling Stone

"Intense dynamics, deep humor, brave production and heavy songwriting: A new voice emerges to run with the greats." - Playboy on "12 Songs"

"4 Out of 5 Stars." - Blender on "12 Songs"

"Cory Branan is featured in Rolling Stone's current 'Hot Issue,' but don't hold that against him...songwriting prodigy gives John Prine a run for the money." - Billboard

"Branan avoids anachronism and shoots straight for timelessness...his sharp, simple lyrics recall the economical, almost scriptural poetry practiced by John Prine or, before him, Bob Dylan."- Nashville Rage

Cory Branan on Letterman:

Who else would be posting this shit?
Sean Patrick Murray


Gone For Good said...
September 24, 2010 at 1:38 AM

aaaahhh....thursday night...wouldn't be complete w/o police presence (one really uptight, one really cool), thongs on the bar, fourtwenty, some dude dressed as a woman, some dude who just looks like a woman...can't wait to see what the OASIS has in store! C'mon let's hear it for 860!

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