Remind/Rewind: Gina Kent's Birthday Party w/ Fatal Film | Private Dancer | Bedroom Rehab Corporation | Brava Spectre

What a crazy night! Lots of people, lots of drinking, lots of fun. Gina Kent's birthday party was a blast-and-a-half! If you don't happen to know Gina, she's an awesome friend of ours from Minneapolis. She's originally from New London and was a big part of the New London music scene, playing with various bands, but most importantly, the incredible Three Dollar Depth Charge (which also featured Meghan of Wailing City, PBR Band and Bedroom Rehab Corporation).

Bedroom Rehab Corporation started the night off right with a power set to celebrate the release of their new EP. The early birds were loving this set, with the phrase "best two-piece in New London" being thrown around like Blagojevich in the media! Be sure to pick up a copy of the homemade EP, which features artwork by our friend Roberta Sulls!

Next up was Private Dancer from Minneapolis who impressed the picky New London crowd. The boys ended their set with a loud rendition of The Contours "Do You Love Me."

Local favorites Fatal Film whipped the crowd into a frenzy playing an extended set to give Brava Spectre enough time to make it back from Amherst, where they had played with The Chinese Stars earlier in the night. Unfortunately for you, Brava Spectre rocks too hard for the mic on this camera, but you can catch them again tomorrow night at The Oasis with the Chinese Stars for a special Easter show.

After we finally got everybody out of the bar, it was time for the after-party at Fatal Film frontman Matt Potter's apartment. The video's a little dark, but you can make out Tony and Brian discussing zombie survival tactics, Sean Murray hating the camera, and someone telling the most tasteless joke we've heard in a while.

Who else would be posting this shit?


Anonymous said...
April 12, 2009 at 11:06 AM

You forgot to mention Seb's extended backup chair solo during Brava's set! It was a totally awesome cameo by The Man Himself, and totally not like he was acting like some kind of attention whore, incapable of sharing the spotlight.

Anonymous said...
May 20, 2010 at 4:01 PM

hi friends

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