Free exclusive mixtape @ Fuck Yo' Couch this Wednesday!

Oasis resident DJ / sneaker aficionado / Bill Cosby impersonator Frank Lo has decided to give out copies of "the best mixtape he's ever made" - an unreleased mix he made in 2004 titled Soul Kitchen - this Wednesday, April 8th at Fuck Yo' Couch Ol' School Hip Hop Night at the Oasis.

FYC is a weekly ol'school hip hop DJ residency featuring MUSE owner Frank Lo and "The Cropduster" DJ Chum. It is a free event every Wednesday night here at the Oasis. And, no, don't you dare request Lil' Wayne you fool!
Who else would be posting this shit?


The Swagger Jackers said...
April 8, 2009 at 8:40 PM

I am requesting a Bill Cosby impersonation next time I see you frank!

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