Remind/Rewind: The Chinese Stars | Brava Spectre | Awesome Brothers

What a Sunday! Easter turned New London into a ghost town for the day, but at 9:30 the bar filled up for a sweet show featuring The Chinese Stars, Awesome Brothers, and Brava Spectre.

Thanks to John from Primitive Machine for the sweet picture. Check out his stuff sometime!

Awesome Brothers, the team responsible for the awesome new Chinese Stars video kicked the night off, entertaining everyone with their unique music/video show.

We were finally able to capture the elusive Brava Spectre on video, no small feat.

The Chinese Stars finished the night with a sick set that included lots of new songs and some old favorites. Unfortunately, the gas station sold us fake Duracells (we could tell by the pink bunny; wrong mascot) and the camera died in beginning of the set. This shit is good, but the end was insane.

Who else would be posting this shit?


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