Remind/Rewind: Jim's Birthday Party

Let the shitshow begin!

It was our good friend Jim's birthday (he's in The Hempsteadys & Past The Point, which used to be Blood Groove, for those of you out of the loop). We threw him an amazing surprise bash that started early and just kept going all night strong! I have never seen people drink this much!

Unfortunately, it was such a shit show, that we couldn't catch the bands properly, but let me be the first to officially say that I'm impressed with a fresh new batch of Hand Grenade Serenade songs (they even wrote one about the Oasis called "Black Hole"... our sentiments exactly!).

The American Infidels made a long-time-coming debut at the Oasis and And All Was Silent opened up the night. Can I just say how awesome those guys are? You may not like hardcore music or black tee shirts or big beards, but many of the hardcore guys that come through are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. And All Was Silent was no exception, and they knew how to party! The lead singer "motorboated" Stifler's mom! (You know who I'm talking about!) Then, he came inside, rang the Oasis bell, downed a few shots, yacked his brains out and left. Now, that's hardcore!

You will not see all this in the video below, but you will see a "Hardcore Decorating" session and Frank Lo really going to town with that Bill Cosby impersonation!

Who else would be posting this shit?


Chad said...
April 22, 2009 at 4:36 PM

probably some of the most classic frank lo footage. and i have no idea how i managed to avoid the camera that night.

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